The last station on the route of the "great" Trans-Siberian Railway is Vladivostok, situated 9288 km away from Moscow. The city was established in 1860 and gained in meaning only after lost war with Japan. Today Vladivostok is the most important Russian port on the Pacific Ocean where also the base of the Russian Pacific fleet is placed. Vladivostok had been also closed to foreigners till 1991, as were many Russian cities during the duration of USSR. Vladivostok is increasingly visited by tourists, despite high ticket prices and long distance, the trade with China and Japan flourishes there also. Vladivostok can boast about uniquely picturesque location on the Bay of the Golden Horn. In the city there is an enormous number of museums connected with maritime theme as, among others, the Fleet Museum, the Submarine S-56 Museum and the Aquarium. In Vladivostok there is a famous in the whole world obelisk dedicated to the Trans-Siberian Railway with an inscribed on it number 9288, which shows the distance from Moscow to Vladivostok. The duty of each and every tourist is to take a souvenir photo with the obelisk.