Perm is situated 1435 km from Moscow and it is the last railway station before Ural. In Perm you can see famous wooden cottages and an antique baroque cathedral from 1765. Perm is situated picturesquely among many hills. The city was established at the beginning of the 17th century in connection with starting first copper mines in this area. Perm was for many many years a city closed to tourists visiting Russia. This situation was, among others, connected with, located in this region, military industry and stationed army. Perm was an inspiration for Chekhov for the writing of the play Three sisters and Boris Pasternak in his famous book Doctor Zhivago followed Perm's example in describing the city, in which he was living on his own and writing his novel. In Perm for the tourists await various museums, many interesting historical monuments, beautiful Russian Orthodox Churches and a synagogue.