After 4098 km you arrive at Krasnoyarsk. The city is situated in the picturesque Yenisei basin nearby the West Sayan mountains. This big city (about 930 citizens) was established in the 17th century in order to colonise Siberia. Not so long ago Krasnoyarsk was closed to foreigners because military and atomic industries are situated here. Even now some of the sectors outside the city are blockaded and are under special supervision of state care. A special place in Krasnoyarsk is a tiny chapel, which is considered to be the symbol of the city. It is also a great vantage point on the Yenisei River and the city's panorama. Places worth our attention are: hydroelectric generating station in Diwnogorsk with a dam measuring over a kilometre in width and Stolby National Park, which covers 47 thousand hectares area and protects many precious and rare species of plants.