RIVERS on the route of the Trans-Siberian Railway

The Kama River, the left tributary of the Volga River, flows out of the Autonomous Republic Udmurtia, turning then south and west in the Persian circuit. Kama's length is 1805 km and its biggest tributaries are: Kosa, Wyshera, Silva, Chusovaja, Biela and Vyatka. On the banks of the Kama River there are numerous Russian cities such as Perm, Sarapul, Naberezhnye Chelny, Solikamsk, Berezniki.

The River Yenisei, 3487 km in length, flows through Krasnoyarski Krai. It is next to the River Volga the longest river in Europe. Yenisei has numerous branches and in some sections reaches 20 km riverbank. Yenisei's tributaries are among others: Kan, Angara and Abakan. Over Yenisiei a beautiful bridge was built on the route of the railway. On the river are located numerous hydroelectric power stations.


The River Ob flows from the glaciers of Altai and it is the main waterway of East Siberia. It is a very long river, 4338km, and the river basin covers 2 990 000 square kilometres area. The Ob basin has numerous mineral resources, such as petroleum and natural gas. The main tributary of Ob is Irtysh. The river reaches in places 1 km in width and lies, among others, by Novosibirks.