FAQ - Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the trans-Siberian railway?

It is the longest railway line in the world. Its route is 9298,2 kilometres, it exceeds 8 time zones. Its construction lasted in the years 1891-1916. It connects the European part of Russia with the Far East and Siberia, ending its course in Vladivostok. The journey by the trans-Siberian railway is an unusual adventure, which we encourage to undertake. Often popularly "trans-Sibir" is called the train ride from Moscow to Beijing across Mongolia or Inner Manchuria. It is not a precise name, however, for our clients we will organise a journey from wherever and to wherever it can take...

2. How much does the ticket cost?

There are 3 booking classes: "plackart" - a journey in common car without compartments, "kupe" (journey in 4-person compartment) and "lux" (journey in 2-person compartments)

The price for the ticket for the most popular route Moscow- Irkutsk is:
"lux" - from 21000 RUB (simplified ruble rate is 1:10 in respect zloty : ruble)
II class of "kupe" type - price from 6000 rubles to 12500 rubles
III class of "plackart" type - price from 5000 rubles to 8000 rubles.
The price is valid on 04.01.2014.

Ticket price for the route Moscow-Vladivostok:
"lux" from 29938 rubles
II class, that is of "kupe" type from 6256 rubles to 16124 rubles
II class, that is of "plackart" type from 7133 - 10700 rubles

3. Which is best to arrive by "plackart" or "plane"?

If you want to get the taste of a real Russia, talk to people and at the same time practice your Russian, feel (literally) the taste of the ride, try "chebureka" and fish made by local cooks, you will set off on a journey by train. It is a little bit tiring, but... the beauty of Baikal makes up for it.

4. Can I take for a journey a bike, a motorcycle or a SUV vehicle?

Definitely yes! A team of our specialists will help you prepare even the most complex journey, which beginning (of end) will be on the trans-Siberian train. The second (or first depending on the chosen order) part of the journey you can make by travelling by your own means of transport, which during the time you spend in trans-Sibir will be riding practically with you (or simultaneously). For the details ask our specialists.

Interesting facts which you might be interested in (about the railway not only Russian)

- W. Putin announced the repair of the Trans-Siberian Railway. He has committed the government to develop a schedule of modernising this line. This year celebrates exactly 110 years anniversary of launching the Railway.
- The first section of the Russian railway was opened between Petersburg and Moscow, and an interesting fact is that for 3 first days the ride was free. Simply no one wanted to travel by an unknown means of transport like train.
- In France there is a total ban on kissing because it is the main reason for train delays.
- In one of the trains which runs in the western part of Peru ticket inspectors distribute oxygen pillows. The point is that the trains runs over the highest route in the world which is located at the height of 3 kilometres.
- In the past few years there was a special route "Paris - Venice" because there was an exceptional "train of love". In the compartment of such a train special service was organised. Passengers had access to a TV-set, a shower and a special bedroom for 2 persons.
- Once in Switzerland there was organised a special ride by train where all the representatives of the high world were present: politicians, officials, businessmen. For that reason the whole train consisted of restaurant wagons. Organisers, however, forgot about the toilet. When the train stopped, passengers started jumping out of wagons, deterring people waiting at the platform.
- The railway is famous for the fact that the workers who service the wheels of the train have a very sensitive sense of hearing, because thanks to that they can detect defects.